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The Avon Centre’s objectives that have been approved by the Charity Commission are as follows:




The Avon Centre (Formerly The Avon Riding Centre for the Disabled) is currently undergoing a full policy review by the board of trustees to ensure all policies meet the changing needs of The Centre.

Some the following policies are currently under review:

Click on these policies to view a PDF. If you need a copy of the policy in a screen reader accessible format please contact the Centre on


To find out more about the trustees of The Avon Centre please visit our Meet the Team page. 


Safeguarding is of the utmost importance to The Avon Centre. All of our staff and coaches undergo regular safeguarding training to ensure they are vigilant at all times. Everyone who works or volunteers with vulnerable individuals is regularly DBS checked and everyone receives training before being permitted to volunteer.

If you have any safeguarding concerns the Safeguarding Officer is Claire Evans.

For our full Safeguarding Policy please see above. 


Policy Statement

At The Avon Centre we take your privacy very seriously. We only collect data required for us to provide our service to you. You have the right to request any data we hold on you at any time, and to request we delete any data. Please allow two weeks for such requests to be processed.

The Website

This website uses essential cookies but we do not have any statistics collections so the website does not collect data on users who browse the site. It is operated by WordPress, so if you choose to leave a comment on any of our posts it collects your email and IP address. These are not visible to the public and if you delete your comment (or request we delete it) then the information is removed. We do not use this information for anything unless your comment asks us to contact you, then we will use the email address provided to get in touch.

Data collected through forms on the site

The data we collect through our online forms, such as interest in holiday activities or an expression of interest in joining the Centre requests the information we require to be able to offer you the service. The information you provide will be passed to the relevant department within The Avon Centre for processing, and that department may be in touch to request additional information in order to provide you with their service. Some forms may also request equalities monitoring data from you. This is completely voluntary and we will anonymise the data you provide in relation to equalities before using it to ensure we are reaching as diverse a range of people as possible. We do not pass any of the personal data you provide us to third parties, but may use it to create anonymous statistics to help us raise funds or report on the success of certain activities.

Data collected through EC Pro

EC Pro is the platform we use to allow you to book lessons. It is run by a company called WOW Designs. It collects the information required for you to book lessons of an appropriate level. You can read the site’s full privacy policy here. In addition to the information you provide it also collects information such as your lesson history, accident/incident reports and lesson notes made by instructors. The staff at The Avon Centre and the support team at EC Pro have access to this data in order to help facilitate the proper running of the site. You can delete your account at any time or request we do so.

Data Collected from RDA Riders

Before joining the Avon RDA Group all RDA Riders are asked to complete an RDA Rider Application Form. This contains data necessary to run your session, including any relevant medical information about your condition. These forms are stored securely along with any notes relating to your lesson history for a period of 3 years after you leave the Centre (or 3 years after turning 18 for minors) in accordance with the RDA’s Privacy Policy.

Data Collected from Volunteers

When you apply to volunteer we ask that you complete a form providing us with information necessary for you to have a safe time working with us. This data is stored securely along with your training and qualification history. When you leave you have the option to request we remove your data immediately, or archive it in our “taking a break” area if you think you may wish to return. You can ask that the data be removed from the “taking a break” area whenever you choose, but please keep in mind that if your data is erased so is your training history, and we will need to retrain you if you choose to come back.

Data Collected from Bristol Horse Riding

From 2020 all Bristol Horse Riding activities are booked through EC Pro and this is where we store your data. If you choose to sign up for one of the courses we run through external providers (such as the BHS) we may provide your data (such as your name, age, riding history) in order to register you for the course and allow you to achieve the qualification. We will only work with trusted partners to provide these courses.

Data Collected from Beyond the Gait

Usually the information provided on EC Pro and the expression of interest form is all we require for Beyond the Gait activities. On rare occasions we may request additional information in order to tailor the session to better fit you. This information is always stored securely and not shared with anyone.

Finance and Invoicing Data

For certain activities we will send an invoice which will require your contact details. These are stored securely on our finance software for the purposes of sending invoices and keeping accurate payment records. For tax purposes we need to keep all financial records for 7 years, this includes any invoices we send or bills we receive. Unpaid invoices will remain on our system as active until a payment resolution can be made.

Cookie policy: 

As with most websites The Avon Centre uses cookies.

Direct Website Cookies

This website is created on Wix. Wix uses cookies to remember log in details, email addresses and names if you choose to leave a comment on any of our posts.

If we set up a shop cookies will also be used to remember what’s in your basket when you navigate the site and give you the option of remembering your account information.

We do not currently use any statistics, so there are no tracking cookies.

Our cookie information popup uses essential cookies to remember your preferences. It also gives you choices on which cookies you can choose to accept from us.

Third Party Cookies

We do not do advertising on this website, but we will link to other websites that are connected with us. If you choose to click on any of our outgoing links, including to our social media pages these site will have their own cookie policies and you will need to review and choose whether you accept cookies on these websites.

Turning off Cookies

If you want to know how to turn off cookies in your browser here is some information from Google.

If you choose to keep cookies turned on in your browser and to use this website you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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