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About Beyond the Gait

Beyond the Gait is The Centre’s newest non-ridden programme and is a completely client- focused equine assisted learning activity. People have the opportunity to work with our wonderful herd of native ponies. Most of the ponies are rescues so have their own story, and they are part of the team that delivers a Wellbeing/Mindfulness-based session around horses and nature.


Some of the benefits of Equine Assisted Activities/Learning:

  • Stress and anxiety reduction

  • Becoming present in the moment

  • Connection with nature

  • Encourages physical movement

  • Problem solving

Programmes are devised in consultation with our users, and parents and carers where applicable and are in six week blocks.



The full cost of each session ranges from £18 to £30 for an individual and £60 for up to four participants (parents/carers are not counted as participants unless they wish to be included).

If you can afford to pay we would really appreciate it as it means we can make the programme available to as many people as possible. However, we never turn anyone away, so please contact us if you need a subsidised place:


The sessions gave Katie a sense of responsibility as she was leading the ponies (with Ruthie’s help) as well as grooming them. Emma was great with her and talked her though all the grooming brushes and tools that she would have seen during her riding lessons but now she has actually seen and used them herself.


As a parent of a child with special needs, I am normally slightly wary of any activities she takes part in as I am never certain how she will react to the situation or the other people involved. However I have no such worries with this activity. Emma really seemed to understand what Katie needed and, together with Ruthie, adapted the sessions accordingly. I struggle to find suitable activities for Katie to access so if these sessions could be run outside of school hours, either at the weekend or school holidays, they would be a real asset to myself and other parents.


- Yvette

The whole experience has had a great influence for the better on my daughter’s general well-being and her communication. Being able to get down on the same level as the Shetlands and talk to them, the Shetlands are not assessing or judging her. I believe this has given her greater confidence to talk. The experience has increased her independence given her a sense of control, given that she could lead the Shetlands by herself. It has also encouraged her to use her right hand, which has been fantastic to see.


- A Parent

At first my daughter would not get out of the car or engage with Emma or the ponies as she was very anxious and out of her normal routine. However with lots of encouragement and in a relaxed way without too much pressure she has felt more comfortable. Over the two sessions she has eventually stroked the ponies and laughed and communicated more with Emma. She eventually got out of the car and stoked the ponies. Walk and Talk is very good for my daughter as she can work at her own pace to feel more comfortable and confident. Progress is always slow but it has been positive for her.

- A Parent

Please note that after an initial taster session Beyond the Gate runs 6 week courses as this is how we see the most benefit.
Because of the demand for this service we are only able to offer 2 consecutive 6 week blocks per user. However, you are able to rejoin the waiting list after these 12 weeks if you wish for more sessions.
To register your interest in a Beyond the Gait course please complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we have an opportunity. Sessions are run during the school day in term time.
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