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Please note we are fully booked and can't offer any additional riding assessments at the moment.

Avon Riding Club is a commercial riding school at the Avon Centre. By riding with ARC and paying the commercial rate you are helping support the charitable works of The Avon Centre, along with receiving the benefits of riding with a BHS Accredited Riding School with BHS Accredited instructors and the use of our excellent facilities. The Avon Centre is the only BHS Approved Centres in Bristol.




Once you have signed up for an EC Pro account and have added rider details, your rider will then be sorted into one of two categories. Please note, this may take up to two working days.


Pre Assessed +

Those who have declared that they can walk and trot competently off the lead rein.


Pre Assessed

Those who are beginners or still require some help from a walker or leader.


Once you have been notified of this grading, you will then be able to book either a Pre Assessed or Pre Assessed + ridden assessment. The assessments are 45 minutes long and will be split between 30 minutes riding time and 15 minutes discussion and demonstration.


Upon completion of a ridden assessment, you will then receive a ridden ability grading (please note this may take up to 3 working days). The grading system goes from Group 1 to 4, including a Group 1+. You will then be able to book group lessons suited to your ridden ability.


Assessment Cost: £37




Group lessons are available for graded riders in groups 1 – 4 including group 1+, with a maximum of 5 riders per group lessons. Group lessons are available throughout the week during the afternoon and evening and all day Saturday.

Each group lesson is approximately 1 hour long and taught by one of our BHS accredited coaches.


Private lessons are available to all groups between 1 and 4. The lesson is 45 minutes long. There is extremely limited availability.

Cost of group lesson: £45

Cost of private lesson: £60

BHS PONY STARS - Dartmoor Dazzlers


Held on Saturdays at 10:00am. The lesson includes 1 hours ridden session and 1 hour stable management. These sessions are aimed at individuals who can canter independently and aged between 8 and 13.

Block booking and subscription only as you will work towards gaining badges and developing an existing knowledge on all things horse related.


Cost: £50 per session



Drop children off at 10:00am and collect at 16:00pm. The day includes activities such as equine management, horse husbandry, a one hour group riding lesson or hack through the woods and some games.


Tuesday – Beginners

Open to riders who may still require a lead rein, including those who have not yet received a ridden assessment.

Ages 7 – 13


Wednesday – Experienced

Open to riders who have ridden with us before and can competently walk, trot off the lead rein.

Ages 9 – 16


Cost: £65

THE SHETLAND SATURDAYS        *Non Ridden Activity*


These are 45 minute sessions with our herd of adorable mini Shetland Ponies. Learn how to groom and take care of them, and get out and about exploring, taking them for a walk round our acres of private tracks and woodland. 


No prior experience needed! Perfect for beginners, those nervous around horses, and small children above the age of 4. Please wear suitable footwear such as wellies or walking boots, and appropriate clothing for the weather! 

Cost: £15



Great way to get back into riding or to practice working on position and balance on our state-of-the-art horse simulator.

1:1 sessions with a BHS accredited instructor for approximately 30 minutes.


Cost: £35



These can be booked by special request via email and organised by email rather than booking on EC Pro.


Catering for up to 8 children with cost of £50 per child. The session runs for 2.5hrs, 1.5hrs of pony time, 1hr exclusive use of the conference room (supervision during this time to be the responsibility of parents of the birthday child) for party tea/games. Party tea etc. to be supplied by the client too.


Payment would need to be made up front in one go.


Only available on Saturdays or during the weekday in school holidays.

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