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You only have one head – keep it safe.

It has come to light that a number of clients have arrived ready to ride with either an incorrectly fitted hat or a hat that no longer carries the correct standard.

Remember, that whilst RDA Participants are able to borrow a hat from

the Centre, Avon Riding Club Riders must have their own hat.

Please do:-

  1. Ensure your hat fits correctly – there are many styles on the market to fit many

A young man with blue eyes wearing a riding hat
Thank you to James for being our hat model!

budgets, find which size and make fits you best

  1. Wear it correctly - harness should be adjusted and snug

  2. You hat should not be perched on back of your head

  3. Check your current hat standard against the current safety standards

  4. Have your hat correctly fitted – Our staff can only advise and are not a substitute for a qualified hat fitter

  5. Long hair must be tied back and please remove earrings to avoid your hat catching on them

Please note: If our staff or instructors are unhappy with the fit of your current hat, the rider will not be allowed to ride without it being changed to one of our borrowed hats; these hats are only for use as a short term measure.

If you have any queries regarding the fit of your hat, we would advise you to return to the store and/or hat fitter where it was purchased.

Further information can be found by visiting Horse Riding Hats & Helmets | Advice & Information | The BHS

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