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What a week!

This week the Avon Centre's riders competed at the RDA Regional Competition. This was in itself a fantastic achievement!

Here's Gill's report:

The Regional Qualifiers for Dressage and the Countryside Challenge took place on the 17th May at West Wilts Equestrian Centre.

A special ‘thank you’ again to James and Cat for making a huge effort to take our four competition horses: Robbie, Gracie, Harry & Jim out on trips away from the Centre, for the first time since Covid. It made sure that they would be safe and sensible for our riders away from ‘home’.

It has been so exciting for both our riders and their coaches to be able participate in the Regional Qualifiers again.

Thanks to all the preparation and practising, ten riders representing Avon have qualified in a range of dressage classes which is brilliant news – congratulations to you all.

Now we can look forward to the National RDA Championships at Hartpury College in July!!

Fabulous Shelters!

As you may be aware, the Centre supports our local primary school by providing a forest school space, and this week I popped down to see what they were up to. They were making some absolutely amazing shelters and their soft toys had a wonderful time camping in them!

Super Shetlands!

And finally, our Shetlands are sporting some splendid new fly masks this week, and we think they look like superheroes! We would like you to tell us (any way you like, in the comments here, on Facebook or over email) what you think their superhero team should be called!

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