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Trees are a-comin'!

Exciting news for those tree fans out there! We have had a meeting with Bristol City Council to plant between 250 and 400 trees in one of our wetland areas at the bottom of New Land by the motorway.

The back view of a tractor looking over some grassland

They will plant a wet tolerant native woodland to include:

1. Crack willow

2. Goat willow

3. English oak

4. Wild cherry

5. Hawthorn

6. Hazel

7. Holly

8. Dogwood

9. Field maple

10. Alder

11. Elder

A photo of the area where the trees will be planted with a person standing with their arms out to indicate the size of the space which will accomodate the trees

We will also be getting some plaques engraved so that everyone who chose to have a tree planted in their name as a part of their Crowdfunder donation can choose their tree!

If you would like to come and volunteer to help with the planting which will be taking place late November/early December please let us know and we will drop you a line nearer the time with the details.

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