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Thank You! From Rachel VJ

Rachel is the RDA Regional Chairperson and has the following message for everyone who helped make the competition such a fantastic event!

Apologies for this not coming to you yesterday, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you all for helping out at the Mid West 2022 Regionals, either at Avon Centre for the Showjumping last week or at West Wilts Equestrian Centre on Wednesday this week.

Both events ran smoothly, efficiently and above all safely - what more could we ask for? It was so lovely to be back out doing what we do best - that was evident by the smiles and lovely comments that were being banded about during the day from riders, coaches, volunteers and parents/carers, your help in achieving this was invaluable.

Please do let your fellow group volunteers know how much fun you had!! Suggest perhaps they would like to join you in future years - we only just had enough volunteers this year (at WWEC), it may seem like we had swarms of you but should a problem have arisen we would have been stretched quite thin, so whilst it seems unnecessary to have two people standing opening a gate or checking people into an arena on a near perfect day, we do have to have the ‘what if’ contingency in place.

For the record and so that you know that your efforts were truly worthwhile one fairly new rider from a group, aged approximately 28 yrs old (I think), competing for the first time and was placed in her class was heard to tell her coach that “this was the best day of my life”. Well if that doesn’t make one feel humble I don’t know what wil!

My thanks to you all once again. Oh, and we had sunshine, what a bonus!


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