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RDA National Championship Results

‘We’d like to congratulate all those riders that were able to represent the Centre at this year’s Championships. Sadly it was not possible for us to extend invitations to many riders because of being unable to take our own horses this year.

We are very grateful to Kady at Saxon RDA Group in Wiltshire for lending Ewan, Matilda and Lauren a horse.

Stella and Millie were also able to share Blueberry Crumble thanks to support from Bridget Mackwood.

Jonathan with his own horse Zaldaltus got his highest ever score.

Our member of staff, Cat Kitson, was very pleased with her own horse Axholme Thor who did so well and behaved impeccably throughout at his first major event.’


Class 9 RDA Showjumping, Level 4

​Catriona McCartney Kitson

​Axholme Thor

1st Senior


Stella Jelly

Blueberry Crumble


Class 10 RDA Showjumping, Level 3

Matilda Walsh

Saxon (Saxon RDA pony)

2nd Junior


Millie Boult

Blueberry Crumble

4th Senior


Class 11 RDA Showjumping, Level 2

Ewan Waller

Saxon (Saxon RDA pony)

3rd Junior


Lauren White

​Saxon (Saxon RDA pony)

​4th Senior


Class 19 Best turned out

Stella Jelly

Blueberry Crumble



Class 21 SEIB Search 4 a Star Showing

Stella Jelly

Blueberry Crumble

​Highly Commended


Class 33 Grade 6 Walk & Trot

​Catriona McCartney Kitson

Axholme Thor

​3rd Senior


Class 45 Grade 6 Dressage Freestyle

​Catriona McCartney Kitson

​Axholme Thor



Class 35 Grade 7 Walk, Trot & Canter

Jonathan Kemp


​2nd Senior


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