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Congratulations to all the riders and supporters who participated in Avon RDA Group’s Countryside Challenge Competition on Friday!

The Countryside Challenge course requires riders to perform a series of school movements, challenging both rider and pony around various obstacles and completing a number of tasks, including going through a gate into the farmyard meeting sheep, ducks and hens, collecting eggs, picking apples and posting a letter. The focus is on having fun while practising some dressage movements. Steering, balance, basic aids and confidence are all put to the test.

It is an ideal first time competition and Friday’s event saw riders from Avon, Saxon and Lyncombe Lodge RDA Groups demonstrate their skills for the experienced judges, Sue and Alison.

There were some impressive performances from riders in each of the classes, with one score at 90%.

The sun shone and everyone had a great time. There was plenty of cake consumed - a perfect RDA competition.

Thank you to the Avon coaching and volunteer team for hosting a fabulous event and to each of the riders for participating! Well done everyone.

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