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Meet the Horses

We would not be able to operate without our fabulous equine team! You can meet them below!

Gracie is a sweet flirt of a mare. She is very good at reading her riders and being calm and quiet for those who need it, or being a bit of a whiz for others! She is a well schooled girl who will produce a good dressage test and loves her jumping.

Hercules is as wide as he is tall, making him a super comfy armchair ride! Herc is a sweet and honest chap, a typical food orientated cob, but he also loves a good blast out hacking with his advanced riders.

Juggler is an absolute sweetheart who loves a good cuddle and scratch. Juggler is a happy hacker, primarily used by staff to lead hacks. He also likes to cause trouble with the grooms by pulling the daily schedule off the board!




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