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Equine Healing Partnership Talk

Equine Healing Partnership Talk

Join us in the talk about Equine Healing led by Heidi Kellerman. Equine healing is powerful and beautiful and really help where other avenues have failed. It can, of course, just be a wonderfully relaxing and energising treatment for horses promoting wellbeing and good health.


Date: 13th of May

Time: 7pm to 8pm


Participants will also receive a discount for Heidi's sessions. 


About Heidi:


"My mum told me I was crazy about horses from the moment I saw one. None of my family were horsey so she isn’t sure where I got this from.


This love of horses has taken me down the usual paths of owning and riding but I always felt I was a bit different from my other horsey friends because I was quite happy to just sit and listen to them peacefully munching on grass. Much later in life I discovered I was not alone and I found there were people who really helped horses in a gentle and understanding way, from their perspective. I studied this natural therapy after seeing how mind-blowing the results can be where all other treatments had failed so called ’problem horses’. Of course, the horse doesn’t need to be labelled as ‘problem’ to benefit from the treatment.


I went on to become qualified as an Equine Energy Healer and Intuitive/Communicator. This is a natural non-invasive and specialised form of healing that works on both the physical and emotional body. It can be a hands on or hands off treatment depending on what the horse wants (some horses can be in so much physical and emotional pain that trust of a human hand is too much in the beginning).


By working with the energy within the horse I can pick up on blocks or disturbances that may be related to behaviour and/or performance. Quite often I see emotion stored in the body causing pain and stiffness. It won’t necessarily be picked up by a vet and so can often go untreated causing more pain and discomfort. I can also pick up communication from the horse by means of the 5 senses. This I relay to the human in its pure form, un filtered. Sometimes this can be something the horse wants to tell their human or it can be the answer to questions the human has. It often has no meaning to me but can have strong relevance to the human, often resulting in an emotional release for both.

This treatment can help the horse in many ways, both improving physical health and wellbeing and emotional peace and understanding. This in turn can strengthen the bond and relationship within the partnership.


Quite often insights and communication presented in these treatments can be quite powerful and so I also support the human on how to move forward with this information that has been provided by the horse."

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