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The Weekly Update! Our first blog one!

Friday March 10th 2023

It's that time of year again when bugs are rife, and a number of our staff have been off with the dreaded lurgy! We would like to thank everyone for their patience as it may be taking us a little bit longer to get back to you.

Funny old Weather Week!

Just when we thought spring was on the horizon, on Wednesday we woke up to snow! As you can see from the picture the horses were well and truly ready to come in for breakfast. But the roads were clear and rather like the postal service, it takes more than a bit of inclement weather to stop us here! Lessons ran as normal and by Thursday it was like nothing had happened, and I didn't even have time to build a snow being!

If you managed to make a snow creation before the snow melted email it in and I'll feature it in next week's update!

Save the date!

We would like to say a big thank you to all who kindly filled out the survey on what would be the best way to celebrate Centre's 40th anniversary.

The majority voted for Afternoon Tea Party and that is what we will have!

Date: 30th of September 2023

Location: BAWA Leisure in Filton

Program and tickets will be available soon, for the moment just save the date!

RDA Dressage!

RDA Dressage Day at The Avon Centre on Friday 14th April 2023

Our next dressage competition has been organised for riders from The Avon Centre, and other RDA Groups in our Region, on Friday 14th April.

There will be four Classes to suit riders with different abilities:

  • Class 1 - Intro to Dressage Walk Only 2022 – on leading rein

  • Class 2 - TVI / PVI Walk Only 2022 – ridden independently

  • Class 3 - Grade 7 Championship Test 2022 – Walk & Trot

  • Class 4 - TVI / PVI Championship Test 2022 – Walk, Trot & Canter

Entries can now be made on ECPro through ‘Events’. The entry cost is £14.00 per Class, plus £15.00 horse hire fee, to cover the cost of preparing your horse for the competition, including plaiting etc.

Please make sure you ask your coach which class would be best for you to enter before entering.

Early entry is strongly recommended as spaces are limited due to time constraints. If your preferred class is full, please contact Kim ( to establish whether class sizes can be adjusted to accommodate you. Entries will close on 4th April, or before if classes fill quickly.

We will be taking into account the number of entries for each Class in deciding whether to run all the Classes and the order may change according to the distances being travelled by competitors from other RDA Groups.

There are also a limited number of private 30 minute dressage lessons available on Thursday 6th April and 13th April for riders entering this competition. These can also be booked through EC Pro (go to your dashboard, select your preferred date and choose a session).

On the day of the competition, riders are encouraged to wear a jacket (which can be borrowed from the Centre), a shirt & tie and light coloured jodhpurs are preferred, however normal riding trousers can also be worn because this is a competition to encourage all – including those attempting their first ever test. Start times will be shared 5-7 days before the completion, or earlier if the classes fill quickly. Riders will be expected to be ready and prepared to start their test on time on the day.

Leaders will all wear riding hats and gloves in line with the RDA policy at Regional & National competitions.

Hot & Cold Refreshments will be available on the day.

Kind regards, Kim

Pet of the Week!

This week's pet of the week is Pat's cat Cosmo. Cosmo is practising ‘Round the World’, as Cathy used to do with her class on Friday afternoons. Cosmo came from Holly Hedge where her ’cat cuddler’ was Christine, who also volunteered at RDA.

Weekly Trivia

And this week in Cosmo related trivia I would like you to tell me: In which comic would you find Cosmo the dog? You can put your answers in the comments on this post!

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