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The Avon Centre

Job Description – Full Time Groom


Full time, temporary six months, meets national minimum wage.

The Avon Centre is a horse and nature-based activities Centre in Henbury, Bristol. It has a strong social value ethos, and exists to give access to horses and the countryside to disabled and disadvantaged people, supported by a small commercial riding school.


The herd of horses and ponies on site usually numbers around 25. The majority are riding horses who work both in the RDA group lessons, non-disabled lessons and hacks, although there is a growing group of non-ridden ponies in our Equine Facilitated Learning programme. Grooms are expected to work with all the horses and ponies under the direction of the Stable Manager.


The Avon Centre encourages and offers some financial support for staff to train for BHS stage exams, and either RDA coaching qualifications, or EFL qualifications. 


The nature of the Centre means that some clients and volunteers will need additional support and it is expected that high levels of trust and respect are shown to everyone at all times.


Care and Preparation of Horses

  • Maintain a high standard of care, grooming and turnout for the horses.

  • In the absence of the Stable Manager, confirm allocation of horses as per the horse list. If changes are required, ensure no horse is overused.

  • Ensure horses are tacked up for the start of each lesson.

  • Ensure horses are checked upon after each riding lesson and that the tack is properly stored for future use.

  • Carry out all necessary primary health care such as worming in conjunction with the Stable Manager

  • Ensure appropriate in-house veterinary treatment is given to horses that require it.

  • Turnout horses as instructed.

  • When necessary, exercise the horses, both ridden and in hand, appropriately.


Yard Tasks

  • Ensure the tack room is kept tidy and free from any hazards.

  • Ensure all tack is thoroughly checked for safety and general wear and tear and report any damage immediately to the Stable Manager

  • Ensure that the stables are cleaned and suitable for use.

  • Prioritise yard tasks accordingly to ensure the smooth running of daily activities.


General Responsibilities

  • Attend the Centre on time for all allocated rota days

  • Notify the Stable Manager or Centre Manager of any area of concern; any risk to clients, including safeguarding concerns, risks to staff or horses, or any complaints

  • Follow all procedures as communicated by the Stable Manager and Centre Operations Manager, including in their absence


 Health & Safety, Safeguarding & Risk Management Duties

  • Comply with the Centre’s Health and Safety policies and guidelines.

  • Undertake all work having regard to your own safety and the safety of others, wearing appropriate safety apparel and equipment as necessary.

  • Monitor and inspect all equipment relevant to your role, tack, etc. reporting repairs as required.

  • Report accidents/incidents promptly and accurately in accordance with procedures.

  • Report any concerns regarding the safety of a child or vulnerable adult to the Safeguarding Officer immediately.

  • Monitor and restrict access to stables to authorised persons only, ensuring authorised visitors are accompanied.


This position is a temporary six month contract, with the possibility of extending to a permanent position.


Relationships and Contacts

Line Manager:           Stable Manager

Other Contacts:         TAC Employees



RDA Instructors

EFL Coaches

Freelance Instructors

Disabled and Non-Disabled Riders

General public

Suppliers and Contractors

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