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About Hippotherapy

Jo is a Children’s Physiotherapist and Parent Mentor for families of children with additional needs and disabilities. She is also a Mum to 2 boys, one of whom is awaiting diagnosis of Autism and ADHD so has navigated the journey and the system as a parent. Jo is hugely passionate about supporting families to ease their journey by building their knowledge of what’s possible through a supportive community space.

Jo’s company, Therapy Toolkit HQ, is a nationally renowned, pioneering therapy provider for children with additional needs and their families in Bristol, South Wales and Online.

They are wholeheartedly invested in supporting all children to thrive through fun, play based, holistic and family centred therapy delivery. We know that more is always possible for children and their families and as Practitioners as well as Parents of children with additional needs ourselves; We have first hand experience of finding a workaround to resource, accessibility and inclusion challenges.

Defying traditional therapy delivery by taking their services outdoors where possible. With the support of a fabulous team of therapy ponies and the incredible staff at The Avon Centre Jo is able to support children to participate in therapy through play and exploration in the woods, Pony Palace, arenas or our dedicated play and therapy space indoors.